Turkman Congress in now a reality as a result of the meeting in arbil on 04-07 October , 1997 in which the Turkman Brotherhood Ocak , Iraq National Turkman Party , Turkman Independence Movement , Turkmeneli Co-operation and cultural Foundation , and Iraq Turks culture and Mutual Help Organization along with other Active Turkman organization , their representatives , intellectuals , scientists , and Artists.
The Decleration of Principles of Turkman Congress
Article 1 : Introduction
Turkman Congress , representing the Turkman people , is the only organization that Can change the basic rules of the Turkman constitution.The Turkman organization will Organize their constitution/charter(tüzük),programs , and activities on the basis of these ammendiments.
Article 2 :
The name Turkman :
The name Turkman repsesent a people belonging the Muslim Oguz Turk branch the Turkmans are the people who are presently spreadout in various regions in Iraq due to pressures of various regimes and governments who intended to assimilate them after Osmanlı period had ended , and who had settled in lands from telefar mendelisay and who at various stages of history , starting in the year 53 of the hegira , migrated from Central Asia to today's Turkmenistan.
Article 3 :
The official written language of the Turkmans is Istanbul Turkish , and its alphabet is the new Latin alphabet.
Article 4 :
The Turkman people and their goals are holistic.We do not recognize religious , dialect-based , class sectarianor regional separatism.
Article 5 :
Belonging to the Turkman is uncoditional.Anyone who considers himself/herself a Turkman is a Turkman.There's no Discriminination.
Article 6 :
Anyone who claims to be a Turkman and who displays evidence of such via his actions , and who is loyal to the concept of the Turkman national idea / aspirations can serve in all Turkman organizations.
Article 7 :
The Turkman people seek a civilized , democratic and peaceful path toward the realization of their national goals.However the Turkman people reserve the right to defend themselves against those who threaten their national existence.The Turkman people , in order to defend their existence , and their interests , has the authority to do the neccesary organization.
Article 8 :
The goals of the Turkman people The achievement of inalienable rights of Turkman and all other peoples within the boundaries of Iraq. The cretion of a multiparty , parliamentarian system that respects basic human rights and freedom. The realization of the equality of all the ethnic , religious and sectarian groups of Iraq. The established of the political and goverment authorities to be organized occording to basic principles of human rights.
Article 9 :
The Turkman people refuse to recognize the decisions of the Iraqi regime that is against the principles of the Turkmen peoples's rights.The Turkman people ask or the rights to return to the lands from which they were force to migrate or to be compensated for the return of proterties and agricultural lands which were seized by the governmental organizations , compensation to the victims of those who were for political reasons.
Article 10 :
Until the struggles of the Turkman people end after achieving their aims , the Turkman organizations agree coordinate their action under the same umbrella Front / organization.Those organizations who oppose the Front's actions , take action to retard its progress toward its goals in the manner of forming organizations for propaganda or the like cannot be accepted; such actions will be understood to be against the interest of the Turkman people.And They will be considered to be enemies of the Turkman people. All available channels will be used , all disagreements will be resolved and all conflict will be avoided until the Turkman people reach their stated goals.